Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A small clarification

Some of you might be wondering about my ratings and the possible inconsistency, it might lead to - for rating purposes, I evaluate the initial idea behind the app or game, how well it is currently implemented and the possibility for future functionality. For example, To Do List may look as a very simple app, not comparable with some of its more advanced competitors. But considering the idea that its authors had behind it, it worked out pretty well. It still has some room for improvement and that's why it does not get top rating. Still, I recommend it to the people, including me, who have the need for such app. Another app, Documents to go, is pretty much brilliant in its current version, despite some of the important updates that have to be included to make it better. Thus anything less that 10/10 would be an insult to its creators.

Stay tuned for more reviews ! Please, comment and enjoy !

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