Sunday, May 10, 2009

Android Apps Review: Abduction Lite

By my opinion, one of the best games for the Android platform, Abduction Lite is a fun and addictive adventure. The story is simple - aliens have kidnapped the farm animals and escaped in Space. You have to jump up, trying to reach them, using the strips of land they dropped, trying to collect bonuses and some of the other animals on your way. This game uses the accelerometer to control the direction of the jumps of the "hero" - being a sheep, kangaroo, penguin or some of the other available animals. You have to reach the top to beat the level, trying not to fall from the platforms. By tilting the phone left and right, you can control the length and direction of each jump. There are several game modes, including career mode, where you have to beat the level to unlock the next one, or just trying to reach the top, or beating some of the challenges, like reach the top in a specific time.

The graphics are stunning, one of the best available for an Android game, the controls are very accurate, having a sensitivity setting. In the Lite version, just a limited number of characters, levels and challenges are available, since there is a paid version, too, called Abduction World Attack. Still, the game is one of my favorite and I had lots of fun, playing it with my sister, trying to beat each other scores. New updates for the game are released on a regular basis. Installed, the game is about 2 MB.

Worth installing? Absolutely, a candidate for the "Best Android game" award.

What do I want to see in future versions? Sometimes the game freezes for a fraction of a second, which could be fatal. So I would like some stability improvement. Otherwise very well made game.

Rating: 10/10


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