Sunday, May 10, 2009

Android Apps Review: Dilbert Droid

For my first Android App review I chose one very small and useful application. It is a reader for the Dilbert strips, my favorite comics. With its simple interface and decent functionality, hours of fun are guaranteed.

The app itself is tiny, less than 100 KB installed, and can be easily found on the Market. It allows the comics to be browsed by day, giving access to all the Dilbert strips since 1989 until now. It saves the already seen strips on a separate folder on the memory card, so they can be seen when offline. The quality of the images is good, the speed of downloading is usually good, too. This app is updated on a regular basis, with some bugs or speed issues removed.

Worth installing? Definitely, even if you are not a big Dilbert fan.

What do I want to see in future versions? Zoom option, faster loading, comment board for every strip.

Rating: 7/10


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