Sunday, May 10, 2009

Android Apps Review: Doom

After several months waiting, finally we have Doom available for Android. The port is excellent, recreating the Doom experience at its best.

After installing the app from the Market, the user is asked to download one or more of the game files, which are conveniently saved to the memory card. From there, once the chosen file is selected, the game begins. There are a few options, including Full Screen and Sound. The Full Screen option is really valuable, since the big and bright screen of the G1 is excellent for the purpose. I used to have Doom on my old Sony Ericsson W810, which was still good, but here everything looks and feels the way it is supposed to be.

Once started, the game is exactly the Doom we all remember. For those, who haven't played the original PC game, Doom is a 3D shooter with several weapons, many big levels and tons of fun. All the options are available in this port - Save, Load, Map, Run ... The graphics and the sound are very good, even though sometimes the sound is not synchronized perfectly with the events on the screen. The gameplay uses the keyboard to move and use the function keys, while the trackball aims and shoots, when pressed. The learning curve with this game is very small, all the controls feel natural. My only concern is that the trackball may be damaged after long hours of playing. An alternative way to shoot is by tapping the screen, which is still not convenient, holding the phone with both hands. There are frequent updates to the game, which bring new features or fix bugs.

One major issue to be noticed is that this game requires physical keyboard, so G2, Samsung i7500 and some other devices will not be able to offer the full experience of it.

The latest version released adds on-screen controls moving and use/open. Now the owners of keyboard-less Android devices can also enjoy this game.

Worth installing?
Absolutely. I personally recommend this game to anyone who has G1. Another candidate for the "Best Android game" award.

What do I want to see in future versions? I wished the saved games were kept when updating the game. Another way to shoot, probably by pressing the Back key or another keyboard key. Better synchronization of the sound the gameplay. Other games, using the same emulator - Wolfenstein, Heretic and so.

Rating: 10/10


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