Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playlist Updates - first some background

Probably most of you did not know that I sing and play piano/keyboard. I have been actually doing this since I was 6. I started singing, then played classical piano for 3-4 years, classical guitar for 5-6 years. I then stopped taking lessons and it was soon after when I decided I want to play songs and sing on the piano and guitar. 4 keyboards and 2 guitars later, I have a repertoire of around 250 songs in English, growing every week, as well as some in Bulgarian, too.

I played during some of the UTM events in March this year. I usually play the piano sound of the keyboard, no MIDI/recordings are used. I was looking for a drummer to play with me, hopefully the one, I contacted, will be serious enough.

As I said in my first post, I play soft rock/pop/oldies, songs from the 1960's until now. I will find a way to upload my full playlist soon, plus I will post news about the new songs, I learn.

When learning a song, usually I use the following approach:

- listen to the song many times, so it is stuck in my head ( in the car, at home etc. );
- download the lyrics and the chords from Internet and correct them in the process of learning, if there are mistakes ( usually there are );
- make an arrangement of the song and decide on the key;
- play with the original recording, so I can fine-tune the arrangement;
- add it to the playlist.

Enough background for now ;) If you need any more info, feel free to ask!

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