Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Android Apps Review: Retro Defense Lite

Retro Defense Lite is a typical tower defense game for the Android. There are many different towers to build, differing in range and damage, as well as enemies to beat. The game offers a truly retro experience, thanks to its graphics. The control is mainly done using the trackball as a mouse. The difficulty is above the average for an Android game, but almost on par with more tower defense games. However, once you get used to the game, you can practice your strategic thinking for hours.

Worth installing? Only if you are a fan of the genre. The difficulty of the game may make the beginner players quit very soon.

What do I want to see in future versions? Difficulty setting will be a good addition. Also, there is no Exit function, so the game stays loaded in the memory until the phone is rebooted. More options in the Lite version.

Rating: 7/10

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