Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Android Apps Review: Documents To Go

One of the most anticipated apps for Android was an office suite. DataViz released Documents To Go, which is without any doubt one of the best apps for the platform. The current version includes Word to go and Excel to go, which do the job of Word and Excel from Microsoft Office. When selected, both applications have the option to open the last viewed documents, as well as create new ones. Documents can be opened from every folder of the phone or the memory card, using the build-in file manager.

This app blew my mind when I first saw it. In less than 5 MB, DataViz manages to pack a completely functional office suite. First I will talk more about Word to go. It can open and save .doc files (for now), as well as the Word 2007 format documents! It has very rich feature set, including many options for formatting the font, paragraph, bullets and numbering; option for inserting a table, page break, comments and so on. Just 6 fonts are included for now, I hope for more to come soon. The app works flawless and very fast, I have not had any single problem, working with it. G1's physical keyboard makes text inputting and editing easy, once I install Cupcake, I will test the virtual keyboard, too.

Sheet to go is the spreadsheet app in the suite. Similar to Word to go, it is packed with features, making it a very decent substitute for Excel, when light work is required. Some of the more interesting options are: inserting Functions (over 100 of them), rows, columns, sheets, autosum, hiding and showing rows and columns, sort by rows and so on. Formatting the cells includes changing the color of them, the font settings (just Arial is possible as a font here) and more. Inputting formulas or using the built-in ones is very easy and intuitive. Selecting text and multiple cells is also possible, using the trackball and holding Shift.

Worth installing? YES! YES! YES! One of my personal favorites and a candidate for the "Best Android application" award.

What do I want to see in future versions? Many things. Don't get me wrong, even now it is amazing, but still I wish it had all the functionality of Open Office ;) . First, a PowerPoint alternative with decent functionality to complement the rest of the suite. Second, more fonts and a spellcheck for all applications. Graph building for Sheet to go. Database app may be too much to ask for, but I will not mind having it. And most important, I hate the $20 price tag on it.

Rating: 10/10


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