Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Beat-Them-Up game review: Captain Commando

Captain Commando is one of the better Beat-Them-Up games out there. Mostly typical, it has a few interesting features that make it different from the mass.

Average. Some good visual effects, a variety of moves for every character, very repetitive backgrounds within every separate level. After being hand-killed by the different characters, enemies evaporate, burn or are cut in half. There is a some blood in the game, less then what some other games show.The enemies are many types, each having different abilities.

Sound: Average again. One of the interesting features is that once the player selects a character to play with, his name is "spoken" by the computer.

Gameplay -There are 5 characters, each of who has some unique capabilities - usually performed with a hit after running or grabbing an enemy. Some enemies carry weapons that can be picked by the characters after killing the enemy - weapons like a gun, machine gun, bomb and so. The bosses are on the average level of difficulty, with the exception of the last boss, who requires a lot of time and credits to be killed. The AI is good, and, typical for the genre, most times you end up surrounded by a bunch of enemies. Run and hit usually helps to clean some direction open easily.

Will I keep playing it? It is a decent game, nothing too spectacular, but not bad for sure. I could play it once in a while.

Rating - 7/10


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