Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cupcake finally coming to us ...

We waited and waited, but finally our patience is about to be rewarded. The Cupcake Android update will come to North America hopefully next week and trust me, I will be one of the first to enjoy it. It brings many new welcome features and updates to the existing ones. Some important ones will be:
-Video recording (there is an existing app, but I won't even bother reviewing it, since it's very bad)
-Virtual Keyboard - no more sliding the screen away just to type one letter every time
-Direct uploads to Picasa and YouTube - for whoever needs it
-Lots of UI polishing - we all have to admit - in its current state, Android is not the most beautiful OS around - even though it is still better looking then Symbian ;)
-Many new features in the browser, including searching within the page (finally), copy and paste (yes!) and smoother scrolling
-New widgets for the home screen, including Calendar and Music Player ( the only two I can use and the only two that should have been there since day one )
-New Linux kernel
-Stereo Bluetooth - good for those folks who use such headphones
-Many more small details

Overall, the list is impressive and from what I hear, all the changes are actually for good and improve the Android experience. It's been less than 8 months since Android has been officially released on the G1 and this will be the third or forth update, being the most important, too. I am a little bit disappointed by the absence of some other anticipated features, including the Bluetooth file transfer as an example, but the ones we are getting will entertain us for a long time, I am sure. I also hope that there will be hardly any issues with the third-party software for the platform, since every day I see apps being updated for Cupcake. Just few more days and I will see for sure. Stay tuned and enjoy!

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