Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Android Apps Review: handyCalch

We are all familiar with the built-in calculator in Android. I think that it's the best calculator that comes pre-installed on any mobile OS. Even though it has some very nice feature set, it is not good enough for the more demanding user. That's when handyCalc comes to help. It is powerful, it is versatile, it is well made. I found it incredible how many features its authors managed to include in it.

Interface: handyCalc has on-screen keyboard with three different modes - numeric, alphabetical and math functions. They can be switched by pressing an on-screen button or just by flicking your finger left or right. The equations are displayed either as fractions or in decimal view. Everything is easy to read and the app uses the screen real estate very well.

Features: The list goes on and on ...
- Solving for many types of equations, including multi-variable
- Drawing graphs
- Solving for functions and defining own
- Solving for statistical variables and and sets of equations
- Solving for exponents
- Currency converter - automatically updated over the air
- Unit converter
- Numeral systems converter
- Solving for time and dates ( ex. how many days is the difference between May 18 and January 3 or how long has been since April 16 etc. ).
- Copy, Cut and Paste
- Many more

This app is a real jewel. It combines few separate apps in one and does all the job excellent. The user, using it for a first time may find it slightly confusing. Thankfully, the authors of the app have included a rich Help section with tutorials, demo and articles.

Worth installing? If you ever need to do anything that the built-in Calculator can't handle, this is your app. It is a must-have app for every student and also has enough non math features to satisfy the ordinary user. handyCalc is one of my nominations for the "Best Android App" award.

What do I want to see in future versions? I found it impossible to use the list of Formulas, probably it's my fault, but this section is not made as intuitive as the rest of the app. I also want to see Finance oriented features, such as NPV, IRR and so.

Rating: 9/10


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